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Scott Forstall booted out of Apple

This is huge. Jony Ive to take on the leadership role of human interface as well as industrial design. Huge task for one man. Via (Apple)

Subtle difference between a Company and a Brand.

Felix Salmon: The world divides into people who think of Apple as a company, and people who think of Apple as a brand. The former group includes all stock analysts, of course, but it also includes most technology journalists. The latter group is, well, most of the people who buy Apple products. I think Billy […]

… And on the price of the iPad mini

My guess is that Apple’s price point is as low as you can go on this kind of device and still make a healthy profit. It’s not that nobody can be cheaper; it’s that nobody can be cheaper and make a profit. That’s a much harder position to sustain. Who is this guy? Brilliant. Via […]

Interesting note on the iPad mini for education.

What the iPad mini will do is cut the cost of a class-set deployment. When you deploy in a class-set approach, the actual use of the device is typically more ad-hoc and not as detail- and creativity-oriented as a permanent 1:1 scenario. Perhaps the iPad mini will work better in that situation. Via (fraser speirs)

The iPad mini

Just like everyone expected. This will be huge. And it’s really comforting to know that all original iPad 2 apps work great on it. A point really understated was how much faster the new iPad’s A6X chip is in comparison to the competition. The A5X was already more than twice as fast in GPU performance […]

Jeff Bezos advice on being right

He said people who were right a lot of the time were people who often changed their minds. Via (37 Signals)

John Gruber on the new iPad Air / Mini

Another way to look at it is that Apple has to choose its trade-offs. The flagship feature of the iPad (3) is its display. The cost, in terms of trade-offs, is that it is thicker and heavier than the iPad 2 because that big gorgeous bright display requires so much more power. When designing anything, […]

Apple buys HTML5 company Particle

For some reason this seems more refreshing than it should. Via (Cnet)

The Microsoft Surface finally has a price

$499 USD for the 32GB without the Touch Cover. $100 USD more for an accessory that is almost fundamental to the product. I don’t see this thing succeeding, and it’s a shame because it really shows the lack of hardware game that Microsoft has these days. I don’t doubt that given time, the software could […]

Apple distancing its manufacturing relationship with Samsung

The problem is, who else can produce the high yields that Samsung can? Or maybe the answer is simply a bunch of other companies combined. But i’m not so sure that Apple is a fan of fragmentation in its supply chain. Quality control issues are sure to follow. Via (KoreaTimes)