Monthly Archives: October 2012

Apple hires William Stasior to run Siri

Siri has seen huge improvements here in Canada and is actually quite helpful now. However, the pace of progress with Siri does need to accelerate. Hopefully Mr. Stasior can contribute to that. Siri is one of those projects that one could eventually see taking over many tasks, so any new “features” revealed aren’t going to […]

First screenshots of Google Maps (alpha) for iOS 6

It’s gonna be a showdown. Via (benguild)

Steinway makes a speaker that costs as much as their pianos

$250,000. Insane, and probably insanely great. Via (Wired).

Amazon says Paperwhite’s uneven backlighting is “normal”

You have to ask, if this was Apple’s issue would it be another ‘gate’? It seems like anyone who isn’t Apple has a larger margin for error before the press starts thrashing them. Then again, it’s The Verge

The subtle flip

Jobs in 1998 talking about what happened at Apple: If you manage the top line, which is the quality of your people, the quality of your partners and the quality of your strategy, the bottom line will follow… If we do the right stuff, Apple will be very successful financially. The goal used to be […]

Steve Jobs on education, 14 years ago

“I don’t believe it’s a problem that has a technological answer. I believe it’s a problem that has a human answer… When we attacked this problem 20 years ago, we really thought that technology would be this miraculous substitute… But it turns out the more you look, the more you see. It’s actually the fundamental […]

iPad Mini October 23rd

Confirmed via (The Loop)

iPhone 5 web traffic surpasses Galaxy S3

It took only 3 weeks. Android users seem to be buying their phones not knowing where the browser icon is. Via (Daring Fireball)

Never lose sight

Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life easier bring us so little happiness? The simple answer runs: Because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it. In war it serves that we may poison and mutilate each other. In peace it has made our lives hurried and […]

The Magazine by Marco Arment

A smart new direction that does away with what you’ve come to expect from the bigger publishers. This for me is the help that Newsstand needs, and boy does it ever need help.