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Game Different.

Touch Is Dead. Long Live Touch.

It just dawned on me that the key distinction between the revolution of touch based devices and the potential success of something like Apple Watch is not what they have in common, it’s in what is distinctly different: You touch an iOS device, Apple Watch touches you.

Mesh Networking, not Graphics, Will Define This Generation of Games

We’ve embarked upon another decade of console gaming, what some think will be the last great hurrah of the traditional game console as we know it. And here we are, a modest bump in performance, the exact same input paradigm we’ve had for the last 16 years and a church of game design and storytelling […]

Apple and the battle for the living room.

This past week Valve made public their intentions on entering the living room with their new Steam OS, Steam Machines and Steam controller. To get a better understanding of why Valve is moving in this direction, one needs to look at the modern living room situation. The living room Currently, the living room experience is […]

Unequivocal inequality.

There are and for the foreseeable future will be tangible genetic differences between men and women. However, we live in an increasingly homogenous environment that doesn’t support those differences and agnostically refers to them as objects in the way of our survival rather than tools for it. In our unspoken Darwinian pursuit of safety and […]

Xbox one and PS4 specs compared

It’s going to be an interesting next generation. As always, great work by Lal Shimpi. Via (AnandTech)

Apple Purchase Indoor Location Tracking Company

10 bucks says this is simply a talent acquisition. Via(wsj)

“Crazy Flakes aren’t just for breakfast anymore.”

The bumblebee analogy is more apt than Surowiecki details. The reason this myth started was because people tried to apply formulas to bees that weren’t apt. Just like a bee is not a fixed-wing aircraft, Apple is not a steady growth company like Johnson & Johnson, or a market-share chaser like Amazon. “Analysts” are becoming […]

Mark Hurst on Google Glass

The Google Glass feature that (almost) no one is talking about is the experience – not of the user, but of everyone other than the user. Nailed it. “Don’t be evil”. Via (Creative Good)

Frosted Glass

Last week’s formal re-introduction of Glass has shown what Google has been working on since first unveiling glass nearly a year ago: a small amount of progress in the wrong direction. The fundamental issue with Glass is the age old question of “why?”. What exactly is Glass supplanting that its older siblings simply can’t do […]