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Apple’s second mile

I think of Apple as a company that cares deeply about the end user experience, the physical product and the on-screen experience they create. Both the late Apple cofounder and many others involved in the process have viewed Apple as a “final mile” company. The term final mile refers to the final push of putting […]


Windows 8 Usability report… Not good.

One of the worst aspects of Windows 8 for power users is that the product’s very name has become a misnomer. “Windows” no longer supports multiple windows on the screen. Terrible. Via (Useit)

Windows 8 is ad supported

On xbox live i’ve been able to tolerate the ads even though we all pay $50 a year for the service, because it’s a deeply subsidized business model and the service needs to handle connections without a single hiccup. Add to that the fact that I don’t stare at the dashboard for more than a […]

Chris Pirillo’s Microsoft Surface review

This isn’t looking good at all for Microsoft. It’s not a tablet and not a notebook but a compromise of both it seems. And everything suffers for it. I really wish Microsoft pulled out all the stops on this one, but it seems they can’t get something as simple as a software update service working […]

The Microsoft Surface finally has a price

$499 USD for the 32GB without the Touch Cover. $100 USD more for an accessory that is almost fundamental to the product. I don’t see this thing succeeding, and it’s a shame because it really shows the lack of hardware game that Microsoft has these days. I don’t doubt that given time, the software could […]

Amazon says Paperwhite’s uneven backlighting is “normal”

You have to ask, if this was Apple’s issue would it be another ‘gate’? It seems like anyone who isn’t Apple has a larger margin for error before the press starts thrashing them. Then again, it’s The Verge

The Magazine by Marco Arment

A smart new direction that does away with what you’ve come to expect from the bigger publishers. This for me is the help that Newsstand needs, and boy does it ever need help.

To Skeuomorph or not to Skeuomorph

We learn by imitation. Language is a form of copying with layers of understanding gracefully coming into place as we become more literate and more mature. Skeuomorphism, the style of design that uses elements fundamental to a previous design which seemingly have no function in the contemporary design is a misnomer. Everything is skeuomorphism. Everything […]