Monthly Archives: November 2012

Windows 8 Usability report… Not good.

One of the worst aspects of Windows 8 for power users is that the product’s very name has become a misnomer. “Windows” no longer supports multiple windows on the screen. Terrible. Via (Useit)

The (potential) future of Siri

Another amazing musing by Kontra on the potential of Siri in the future and if Apple is willing to or even should bet on it. Via (counternotions)

Windows 8 is ad supported

On xbox live i’ve been able to tolerate the ads even though we all pay $50 a year for the service, because it’s a deeply subsidized business model and the service needs to handle connections without a single hiccup. Add to that the fact that I don’t stare at the dashboard for more than a […]

Apple making accessory suppliers in China behave more ethically.

But this won’t make any headlines, no sir… It’s far more interesting to see a big company behave poorly these days. I mean, didn’t we all love it more when Britney Spears was destroying her life with douchebag Federline as opposed to being normal and hosting the X Factor? Not that Apple is Britney Spears. […]

Counternotions on Apple, Skeuomorphism, and Jony Ive’s new role

Bright article detailing the real issues with iOS moving forward. Surprisingly it has little to do with Skeuomorphism and plenty to do with how apps interplay with each other. Via (counternotions)

Chris Pirillo’s Microsoft Surface review

This isn’t looking good at all for Microsoft. It’s not a tablet and not a notebook but a compromise of both it seems. And everything suffers for it. I really wish Microsoft pulled out all the stops on this one, but it seems they can’t get something as simple as a software update service working […]