Unequivocal inequality.

There are and for the foreseeable future will be tangible genetic differences between men and women. However, we live in an increasingly homogenous environment that doesn’t support those differences and agnostically refers to them as objects in the way of our survival rather than tools for it.

In our unspoken Darwinian pursuit of safety and power, we have forgotten that the fear of death is what initially inspired us to move forward, to grow. We have mortality amnesia. This leads to denial about solving equality issues which are in fact false leads, for we have built the very environment that spawns the issues that we are trying to solve. Instead of fixing the root cause, we’re chasing the effects. 

Ongoing debates about equality are throwing blind punches in the dark. We are all equally victims of the global experiment we call progress, changing our environment will allow us to find the proper nooks and crannies to rest the bumps and heal the cracks of our ancient genetic code, a place for us to use our inborn sexual differences for positive effect.

The great misunderstanding of progress being tied to genetic evolution is that in order for us to be equal, both men and women must be virtually the same in every facet and capability. However, it takes only a designer, not a scientist, to know that the best tools perform less functions more aptly than a multi-function creation attempting the same jobs. Evolution has bestowed a sort of division of labour scattered across the planet’s species. To homogenize that beautiful quilt of life is to completely misunderstand the importance of diversity, to ask for a forest with all the same trees.

This is not an attempt at stifling equal opportunity, this is an attempt to show that there is no such thing as equal when dealing with unequal things, and to quell the notion that unequal means superior and inferior. No, this is simply an argument for the preservation and understanding of different, diverse results to the same opportunities.

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