Sony could use a little more crazy.


Sony isn’t fun unless they’re destroying their company on a 32 core 64 gpu $999 price tag monster console that’s years and years ahead of anything one could grab retail. The PS4 seems more pragmatic, and ultimately somewhat boring.

Gaming needs to be more social, this isn’t any brilliant revelation that Sony dreamt up, it’s just a simple fact of the changing landscape and hopefully the PS4 delivers there. The social features that have been shown look very promising. But talented developers are getting impatient and returning to the PC or going mobile, both of which are are already very connected and social. Valve’s Steam has a chance yet. A key but diminishing factor that consoles still have is the living room dominance, pinnacle titles that push the medium and if improved upon, controls that are far superior to a crude touch screen.

Big league Developers should seriously ponder big league iOS games as a just in case scenario that Apple decides to seriously take on living room gaming.

Because as it stands right now, the PS4 is running on PC hardware that came out 2 years ago, and Sony’s betting the future of Playstation on some cleaver software that Microsoft or anyone else may be able to easily improve upon. Sony wins only when all the pieces come together perfectly, there is no horsepower argument to use a crutch this generation.

This post by Nat Brown sums up the current state of the industry quite nicely.

It will be an interesting year that’s for sure.

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